Our Mission

Our mission at Ultimate Fitness Group is to make a nation where healthy is the majority and unhealthy is the minority! We believe we can do this by educating you and giving you the support you need to lead a healthy life.
Our outdoor group fitness classes vary and can include boxing, weight/strength training, circuits, high intensity interval training, games and many more. We also do team running and obstacle course events during the year!
We aim to make all our sessions FUN and INCLUSIVE. No matter your fitness level, we welcome YOU only on the condition that you enjoy exercising outdoors, in a group of positive people and will try YOUR best at anything that is thrown at you!

Ask yourselves these questions

1. Are you sick of feeling tired, lethargic and never having any energy?
2. Are you sick of feeling self conscious about your weight?
3. Do you want more energy?
4. Do you want to tone up?
5. Do you want to exercise in a supportive environment where we all help each other through our health and fitness struggles?
6. Do you want to reach your health and fitness goals but don't know where to start?
We are the answer to all these questions! We will help you through your health and fitness journey and will never give up on YOU!

What we offer:

1. Fitness assessments at the start and end of each block
2. Measurements
3. Nutrition advice
4. Help with goal setting
5. A free T-shirt or Singlet per block
6. SUPPORT of the Ultimate Fitness Group family
7. Our Facebook community group that includes health related tips and tools
8. Competitions and prizes
9. First trial session for only $1

Benefits of Training with Ultimate Fitness Group

We guarantee that you will experience one or more of the following benefits after just 1 block (6 weeks) of training with us.

1. More toned body
2. Fat loss
3. Weight loss
4. Increased fitness
5. You will feel better in general
6. More energy
7. More confidence
8. Increased muscle mass

Our motto: "Live Life, Love Life and Change Lives"

***Money Back Guarantee***

If you are not happy after 1 week of training with us we will refund you the full payment!!

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